matsukiyo toilet paper roll

matsukiyo toilet paper roll
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“Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Co., Ltd., has a chain of drugstores nationwide. It’s private brand, “matsukiyo”, is a unique label that aims to deliver the brand’s vision of “making life in Japan enjoyable.” Besides quality and functionality, we focus to bring out matsukiyo’s style of amusement, delight and joy; our packaging design places emphasis on the emotional added value for consumers.

The packaging of matsukiyo toilet paper roll does not indicate or promote the basic product functions: absorbency, touch, etc. Instead, it uses illustrations of a baby, radio, or shopping bag to create an eye-catching uplifting feeling. Inspired by consumers’ insights of feeling slightly embarrassed when purchasing and carry toilet paper rolls; this packaging was designed to ease the embarrassment and make it fun to carry.”

Client: Matsumotokiyoshi Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Interbrand Japan
Country: Japan

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