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Outstanding in Appearance | BEVERAGE

“Based in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, “COEDO”, a premium craft beer brand that is also highly-regarded overseas, has developed 6 kinds of classic beers. It’s brand concept, “Beer Beautiful” brings the idea that “beer is inherently rich in colour, taste, and flavour; fun and wonderful.” It’s logo is a design that abstracts the shape of hops (main ingredient of beer) from a bird’s eye view. Combined with the logotype, the aesthetic gives a sense of prestige.

The logotype is versatile as it can be arranged and developed into various pattern designs. The design concept is “overflowing Japanese colours”; it conveys COEDO products’ colours and taste characteristics. The names and labels of the 6 classic beers are based on traditional Japanese colours: kyara, ruri, shiro, shikkoku, beniaka, and marihana. The design of the bottle focuses on details like applying embossed logotype onto the bottle neck to create depth and personality.”

Client: Kyodoshoji Corporation Limited COEDO BREWERY
Design Company: EIGHT BRANDING DESIGN Co., Ltd.
Branding Design: Akihiro Nishizawa
Design: Keisuke Kitahara

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