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"or-ita is the new cutter that bends cardboard with the concept of ‘line of mise en place’ – everything in place.

Handmade tool and packaging make one wonder the use of them and it seems that there are multiple possibilities for creativity.

The packaging is made of processed recycled paper boxes. Handmade by students, and therefore, each or-ita uniquely reflects the skills and arts of each student. It is more than just a tool, but it gives out surprises and wonders to whom purchases or receives."

Client: inter_Tool
Design Company: Makoto Orisaki Inter_works Lab.
Designer: Makoto Orisaki
Type-Design: Makoto Orisaki, Megumi Wakui
Producer: Aoi Asano | Yukari Atsumi | Saki Inoue | Yuka Kamimura | Aya Shimizu | Ami Shirai | Sayuri Suzuki | Kumiko Mimori | Koutarou Yada(Students from Kuwasawa Design School)Nadeshiko Nishiwaki(Makoto Orisaki Inter_works Lab.)
Country: Japan