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"Among all jewellery, the wedding ring is a beautiful and loving piece that nestles closely in a person's lifetime; a special piece of jewellery that one spends their fleeting time with. As I've been involved in the design of wedding rings for many years, I've come to think, "what is it that I'm making?", and realised that what I'm making is something that holds no form, made in the the form of a ring. 
In 2014 I've established YUKA HOJO, and as I've come to make handmade wedding rings, I thought that to carry these beautiful formless emotions as it is without anything difficult, without reason or words, what was needed was a material that could almost carry kindness, and came upon this design for the ring box. 
The paulownia box with gentle colours is soft to the touch, and when hand given to a person dear to you, a material that communicates a sense of warmth. And the once in a lifetime proposal; the one who gathers the courage to propose, and the one who receives it. 
That moment is slowly and carefully, to be inscribed in the two's memories, the act of "unraveling the ribbon" is also indispensable. The ribbon is a rare grosgrain of varying warp and weft, and in delicate and gentle hues. And above all, the paulownia box is surprisingly light, perfect for my idea of love. Love is light and infinite. What one feels for a person dear to them is irrelevant to age nor race, and is simply beautiful, a single beautiful light that reaches beyond time and space. 
I make the jewellery with the concept "Light inside you", and when one peeks inside this small wooden box to see the light, it's a diamond that lives in everyone's heart. At times it will light yourself, at other times the person you love. I hope you meet that beautiful irreplaceable light."

Company: YUKA HOJO Ltd.
Creative Director / Designer: YUKA HOJO
Country: Japan

Find out more on: https://www.yukahojo.com  and their instagram