Outstanding in Functionality  |  Beverage

"Spring water of melted snow from Mt. Yotei in Hokkaido is used for this product, therefore is reflected on the packaging design.

The product's name combined 'PIRIKA' which means 'brilliant' in Ainu, an aboriginal language of Hokkaido, and 'AQUA' which is water. PIRAQUA expressed the appearance when hydrogens melt into the spring water of melted snow from Mt. Yotei in this symbolic form. In addition, the process of fallen snow filtered into underground and gushing as clear water is expressed by the gradation from the top to bottom of the bottle. 

The special function is having hydrogen powder stored in the lid, when opening, the powder will blend into the water where hydrogen will be generated, which is especially good for beauty."

Design: Landor Associates
Country: Japan