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"Quiescent is high-end sanitary napkins made from handpicked materials. Everything is detailed and attentive -- a full body feminine merchandise at first glance. Light and delicate colors of the sky distinguish each box that has different time of use during menstrual period. Quiescent is lively in a calm and modest way, while its counterparts in Thai market are mostly colorful. 
Not only does the comfort of real cotton elevate the user experience, Quiescent also defies the Thai norm that sanitary napkins should be kept hidden. The beautiful individual pack can be carried anywhere with confidence as well as helping encourage better public environment when disposing of used napkin."

Client: Aspired consumer enterprise Co., Ltd
Design Company: Yindee Design Co., Ltd
Creative Director: Nopneera Rugsasook / Anuchit Panyawatchara
Graphic Designer: Walailuk Dechasiriphong
Country: Thailand

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Quiescent: www.quiescent-life.com , Facebook and Instagram
Yindee Design: yindeedesign.com and Facebook