Outstanding in Creativity | Beauty & Cosmetics

"A design renewal project for "naturaglace", a cosmetic product made through carefully chosen materials derived from nature, such as natural minerals and organic plant extracts. 
A total of 11 colours were extracted, each in line with the ingredients contained in the products. Light blue for water, beige with a hint of yellow for argan, red for rosehip, pink for sea buckthorn, and so on. 
By using the colours of the ingredients on the package, various colour combinations are formed, and each product is given different variations in colouring.
The colours of natural materials and their gentle ease of use is expressed through brushstrokes with a sense of transparency."

Client: Nature’s Way Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Nippon Design Center, Inc.
Art Dirctor: Yoshiaki Irobe
Designer:  Ryosuke Kato / Sayoko Matsuda
Product Design: nendo (Non-NDC staff)
Country: Japan