Outstanding in Creativity | Food

"KiraZoo is a popular long selling snack from around a decade ago, its development sparked by the voices of mothers who wanted a solid snack for their children to eat. Ingredients are carefully chosen for children to eat without any concerns; a fried snack with main ingredients consisting of okara made from locally produced soybeans, flour from local sources, as well as raw sugar, seasoned with natural salt or brown sugar. This time it is packaged in a row of four individual sachets, sized to be eaten in one sitting, and the KiraZoos are arranged with illustrations of various animals on a colourful background, and designed to create an enjoyable snack time as well as being suitable to be given as a gift."

Client: Otoufu Factory Ishikawa Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Infinito Co., Ltd. 
Art Director: Mieko Kobayashi
Designer: Yumi Yuino
Country: Japan

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