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"Made from natural ingredients. Taste the simple and plain flavor of happiness in life.

Lei Cha, as known as Hakka ground tea, is the special dietary culture of Hakka people in Taiwan. First, put the roasted grains and tea leaves in the mortar and grind them together. Second, add hot or cold water in the mortar with the grinding grains and tea leaves. Third, stir them lightly and drink. SIID CHA combines the culture of drinking tea with nature and the Earth based on the cultural background of Hakka Lei Cha. The extraordinary scenery flavors of four seasons are presented by the fresh elements of tea plantations and time. The inner box adopts grey paperboard and wooden box to make simple and steady impression. The stacked colors present the elegance and delicacy of the brand naturally.

SIID CHA hopes to make people taste the pureness and nature from the grains by the Hakka traditional flavor, Lei Cha, and start to live the lohas lifestyle step by step."

Client: Gu-Zhuang Ltd. 
Design company: Victor Branding Design Corp. 
Country: Taiwan