Chosen Tea 1869- Taiwanese Tea Series-The Mountain Set

Chosen Tea 1869- Taiwanese Tea Series-The Mountain Set
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“Chosen Tea 1869 gets its name from the way each tea is specially selected. The delicious taste and flavour of these hand-picked tea leaves derive from centuries of inherited cultural traditions and practices of careful and meticulous selection.

The number “1869” represents the years of the Western Year; in honour to commemorate Taiwan’s first tea export to the international market with “Formosan Tea”; Taiwan has reached its most prosperous year in tea history. We collaborated with a century old tea shop called “Lin Huatai”, in hope to reproduce the brilliant history and story of cultural and historical inheritance of Taiwan’s tea culture of the prosperous era.

The packaging is environmentally-friendly; made from pressed recycled cardboard. The gift box pays homage to Taiwan’s magnificent high mountain of flourishing tea culture. The logo is based on the bird’s eye view of a teacup and it represents the spirit of tea making. The packaging can be recycled or reused.”

Design Company: DOT Design Co, Ltd
Design: Lance Han
Country: Taiwan

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