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Outstanding in Appearance | BEVERAGE

“SECRETEA does not hide any secrets. It cultivates premium honey black tea in natural and sustainable environment. By adopting natural farming, the company protects the tea from any chemical substances (fertilisers and pesticides), and attempts to maintain a symbiotic relationship with insects like tea green leafhoppers.

In 2016, a plan was formed for our brand. Our goal was to create a stylistic distinction from current tea brands seen on the market. The focus was placed on keywords like “boutique”, “exquisite” and “feminine” to establish our brand and visual identity.

For our logo, the “S” and “T” from English, and the Chinese character for tea, “茶”, were combined and transformed into a smooth and elegant design. And our brand colours exude the spirit of fragrances and approachable friendliness. We believe our design is memorable, leaving a lasting impression in the hearts of the consumers.”

Client: The do tea Trading Enterprise Co.
Design Company: ANGLE visual integration
Hsieh Pei-Cheng & Chou Yu-Wei
Country: Taiwan

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