Takarazuka Milk

Takarazuka Milk
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Outstanding in Functionality | BEVERAGE

“Everything about Takarazuka milk is ◎.

Takarazuka milk is non-homogenised milk produced by traditional manual techniques. As its name suggests, it is produced in a small city called Takarazuka in Hyogo Prefecture. It was originally produced due to the residents’ requests of wanting to drink ‘safe and tasty’ milk, but the product and the producer’s persistence to preserve its production method earned its good reputation. Takarazuka milk gradually spread by word of mouth, and now many dairy fans enjoy the product very much. Keeping in mind the producer’s belief that “milk should be like this”, we hope that the design reflects this consciousness.”

Client: Takarazuka Milk Inc.
Design Company: ADESTY INC.
Art Direction & Design:
Tatsuma Uematsu
Country: Japan