Outstanding in Functionality | Beverage

"At the time of its development, there was a large market for almond milk in the United States, but only a small amount of overseas products circulated in the much smaller Japanese market. Many of the overseas products that one could get their hands on had added fragrances, sweeteners, and other additives, and none that brought out the inherent flavour of almonds. 
Tsukuba Dairy Co. took the fact that there was no almond milk produced in Japan as a business chance, and developed a new manufacturing process of "miniaturisation/complete pulverisation", targeting Japanese users with high health consciousness, and brought out "Almond Milk" to the market for users to enjoy the rich flavour of almonds grown in Japan. We focused on the product to be free of "fragrances and colouring agents" to appeal to our target user. In 2016 the name was renewed to "Rich Almond Milk". The packaging was carefully considered to communicate the strengths of the product — its "richness", its careful manufacturing process by a "reliable local maker", its delicate and delicious flavour, and to put forward the layers of detail on the almonds used. The front clearly illustrates that one cup a day is enough, and on the back is an image of "Rich Almond Milk" during production, paired with text for people to intuitively visualise and understand the product."

Client: Tsukuba Dairy Products Co., Ltd
Creative Director / Copy Writer: Ryoko Yamagiwa
Art Director: Kei Fujiya
Art Director / Designer: Noriyuki Shirasu(color.)
Producer: Emi Takizawa
Account Executive: Daigo Utsugi
Country: Japan