Tea Charlie Floral Scented Tea

Tea Charlie Floral Scented Tea

Outstanding in Creativity | Beverage

"The newly produced scented tea (Jasmine Fragrance Oolong Tea & Rose High Mountain Black Tea), two types, is still classic, tea leaves the main ingredients, and flower petals subsidiary.

It is unique in different levels of flavor as you drinking the tea, as appreciating an awesome drawing full of touching layers, the most pleasant taste made with the most genuine raw materials and the most professional craftsmanship with the best updated package finely designed. We hope the customer can enjoy the scented tea in extra aspects by the perfect match of tea leaves and flower petals.

Different from our traditional package designs, the package for these two new types adopted tangible flower element, a gorgeous polish in visual effect. We were inspired by the flower unfolding and folding process in the water and made efforts in freezing the moment when the flower unfolding in the water, an interesting and vivacious picture grabbed out of life full of random changes. Meanwhile, we tried our best to make it lifelike with details as many as available, showing the unique vitality of the flower, inspiring more imagination among all who saw it."

Client: Tea Charlie
Designer: Yaoming Yan
Country: China