Xiaoyin white tea

Outstanding in Materials | Beverage

"Original beauty is the expression of Xiaoyin, a white tea brand. The master is a close friend of my father. He has been a tea expert for more than twenty years, and he owns a small tea garden of his own. Unlike regular tea, white tea does not undergo the procedures of roasting and rubbing. It is naturally withered and dried in the shade. The master sticks to his principles of not spraying pesticides, and he is reluctant to practice mass production, so that the original mild fragrance and effects of the tea leaves are preserved, and such is the most genuine taste of the nature. The concept of the brand is to return to nature. The design combines the characteristics of white tea and that of the tea-maker, evoking a sincere and simple feeling. An old-time style is easily felt from brand name,packaging design and the brand identity. In addition, handcrafted printing integrates nature, handcraft and time. Concerning packaging, the master tries to reduce the cost. In order to differentiate the series products, hand-made seals and labels are employed to indicate different grades. On the packaging, the environmentally friendly wooden buckles and red cotton strings are bound together, so as to pay salute to each pack of  the hand-produced tea. The white tea as a unique species, make the unique visual memory in the same market and let more people know about it."

Client: Xiaoyin tea shop
Design Company: Xiamen buran Brand Management Co., Ltd.
Creative Director / Designer: Yichen Su
Copywriting: Xiaoyu Huang
Country: China

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