VDL + PANTONE Wellness in Color

Outstanding in Creativity  |  Beauty & Cosmetics

VDL, a trendy make-up brand for young modern women, added a collection of cosmetic from collaboration with Pantone. Pantone’s world-renowned color systems and VDL’s professional background in point make-up no doubt was expected to generate a great level of synergy.

Among many shades of colors that were proposed by Pantone as the color of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity was the main color chosen. And also the first time a blend of two shades to be provided. According to Pantone, these two colors reflect connection and wellness and thus ease the minds from modern day stress.

This blurry blend of two shades was applied onto the package design including the cover of cosmetic palette, cushion case, the handles of cosmetic brush appliances, the glass bottle of aroma diffuser, and etc.

The other blend of shades was thoughtfully chosen from other shades proposed by Pantone as Luminary Green and Blooming Dahlia, and blended to flow together with the Rose Quartz and Serenity combination and its approach of wellness in color.

Overall the design concept was to create a modern dreamlike tone in cosmetic package.

Client/Design: LG Household & Health Care
Creative & Art Director: Guyong Lee
Designer: Yoojin Jeong, Heysoo Lee
Country: South Korea