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"The dinosaurs could represent several things... outsiders, escapists, saunterers, pacifists, hooligans, artists... I can't think of anything that is more "too cool for school" than a dinosaur. The untold backstory of the dinos is they somehow escaped earth millions of years ago, and have now returned, as vegetarians, and are simply and peaceably rediscovering the urban environment of New York City, and maybe causing a little trouble too. Users/viewers might see other stories at play, so we didn't share the backstory, but just let each package tell its own little story.

Each packaging was designed to relate to the product it contains. The 'Escalator Mascara' inside the Empire State Building has a telescoping function, it gets longer and shorter for different cosmetic effects, so we designed the packaging with that function in mind. 'Shadow on Flatiron' eye shadow is placed inside a shadowed Flatiron building.

More artwork becomes uncovered as the package is opened. This further enhances user experience, as they can discover more little bits of each story.

It was designed like this for the simple reason of being creative and making something new and fun for people to enjoy. Our vision is to make something to the best of their ability. Our client is willing to let us run free with this notion.

The urban dino motif was chosen after I saw a white dinosaur figurine at Jee Hoon Stark (aka Hatori Sando)'s studio. I have also recently watched a documentary about dinosaurs which long ago lived in the area now known as New Jersey. TCFS always looks for something new and different - the dinosaurs seemed to be just that, as nothing quite like it had been done before in cosmetics. It also had a kind of unisex appeal, not so girl-centered, which we liked."

Client name: Too Cool For School
Design company: Crosspoint Seoul - New York
Creative Director: Young Ah Kim
Designer: Dohyung Kim, Jayeon Chung
Illustrator: Jee Hoon Stark aka Hatori Sando
Country: South Korea

Find out more on www.toocoolforschool.us 
and through their Instagram