ADDRESS Eau de Toilette For Man

ADDRESS Eau de Toilette For Man
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Outstanding in Form | BEAUTY & COSMETICS

“With the concept, “all roads lead to the right address”, ADDRESS For Man puts emphasis on the modern-day men by creating a design that is urban chic and eye catching. The bottle design features a few elements: glass, wood and metal. This combination gives a sense of modern-day elegance and sophistication. The packaging features a soft/matt black with a stencil cutout that shows the sharp orange beneath. This contrast is simple but powerful, creating a strong visual for its audience.”

Design Company: SOL BENITO (India)
Creative Director / Designer: Vishal Vora
Designers: Janak Vora / Hardik Chudasama / Jyoti Pithwa
3D Visulisation: Ramdhun
Country: India