LIFE 365 Toothbrush
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Outstanding in Functionality | Beauty & Cosmetics

"Each brush in LIFE 365 Toothbrush has a monthly mark from January to December, so it is very easy to know how often to replace your toothbrush in accordance with the month when it changes. What makes all of this possible is an intuitive and simple design.

The design of the first LIFE toothbrush began with a "Ah-Geaun"(This means very refreshed in Korean) functional toothbrush with unusual refreshment. It's made out of a little question of whether a functional toothbrush is convenient and also well designed.

We hope our everyday look will be stylish and sophisticated, and we hope our designs will be added to everyday items that will mean more than just consumables."

Company: Artworks Korea
Designer: Bong-jin Kim / Sang-won Song
Country: South Korea

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