Goto Islands Curry

Goto Islands Curry
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Outstanding in Appearance | FOOD

“Goto Islands (literally translates to “five islands” in Japanese), consist of five main islands set atop the East China Sea. Famous for its picture-perfect sunsets, a horizontal line runs through the centre of the packaging. With a semi-circle logo in the middle, the design represents a sunset on a horizon. 

With a long product name, a simple design was created to convey the goodness of the product and difference in flavours using only silhouettes and colours. The design is also adaptable for future flavours.”

Client: GOTO Inc.
Product Officer: Hotaka Kinoshita
Design Company: Dentsu Inc.
Art Director: Yu Orai
Designer: Hiroaki Anetai (work up taki)
Copywriter: Tomoyuki Torisu
Producer: Shotaro Shimomoto
Country: Japan

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