Outstanding in Form | Food

"Lollipops for adults; packaged inside a box, reminiscent of the excitement of opening a gift as a child. While the base is consistent for the entire line of products, the wrapping paper changes depending on the flavour or limited edition product. We've aimed for a package that reflects our ethos and experience of eating a Barber's candy: "light and cheerful." 

We make our candy from raw fruit past and avoid the use of additives as much as possible, resulting in a product that is both gentle in flavour and for your body. Different from sweets that use added flavourings, this is a lollipop brand where you can experience the palates and fragrances of real fruits in a soothing way.

Remembering the joyous feeling of getting a piece of candy at the neighbourhood barber as a child, I've named the lollipop brand "BARBER'S"

Client: BARBER'S
Design Company: Yasuo Yamaguchi  
Creative Director: Yasuo Yamaguchi
Country: Japan

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