Space gummy candy

Space gummy candy

Outstanding in Appearance | Food

"A round and blue image of the earth is used for the soda flavoured space gummy, and the lactic acid bacteria that survived the rocket to space is kneaded into the candy.

As for the package — to express the adoration towards the universe as well as a futuristic feel, we avoided using photographs or illustrations of the actual gummy, and opted to express graphically to bring out the aluminium material. 
To allow younger generations who love gummy candy to reach out for the package, we added a sense of sweetness. 

Part of the proceeds of this product are used to support the "Hopeful Cherry Blossoms", a reconstruction project for the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake where cherry blossom seeds that went to space are used to be planted in the disaster areas."

Company: BCC CO., LTD
Art Director: Toshiya Arase
Designer: Akiko Uchida
Country: Japan

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