Pushipushinacoffee ginger candy

Pushipushinacoffee ginger candy

Outstanding in Materials | Food    

"By allowing the character of the cat to subtly stand out through a simple package, I strategised to make a product for our shop that customers can recognise. 
As we wished for people of all different ages to take the product in their hands, I made sure to have a neutral image of having both a sense of nostalgia and also of newness. 
Our products are done by hand from production to packaging, so whilst we cannot produce a large amount, we wished to convey our sincerity and thoroughness by using a material with a rustic texture."

Client: Pushipushina Coffee
Designer: Hiroko Noborio (Pushipushina Coffee)
Country: Japan

Find out more on: http://www.pushipushicoffee.com and their instagram