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"bläk represents the German word, blag, which means little kid. It symbolizes the male human being – a responsible adult   that harbors a playful little child. To this “bläk”, shaving is like paving the way for a day full of fun and excitement. Bläk shave has the Starter for those who start shaving for the first time or dream of new changes, One-step shaving cleanser for shaving and cleansing all at once, body trimmer to trim hair in summer, and the special kit that will be a special gift for all. bläk razor ensures that perfect shave. It makes getting ready fun. It lets you take the stage. It lets you be “bläk”"

Cilent: One Direction Company
Design Company: 064 Design Lab
Creative Director: SunMan Kwon
Package Designer: JiWon Yoo
Country: Korea

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