BLOCK natural ice cream

BLOCK natural ice cream

 Outstanding in Functionality | Food

"BLOCK natural ice cream is an ice cream brand that is made from a careful selection of fruits and vegetables, jersey milk from Kumamoto, fibre rich agar, and rare sugars. 

With 30 flavours to choose from, the brand has carefully considered allergies and a little surprise can be found when you finish eating the ice cream.
Women and children can enjoy and eat at their own pace as the product is sold in paper cups. As for the package, endangered animals are used as a key visual, encouraging people to think about environmental issues and how we can create a more sustainable living.

The illustrations are delicate and have a realistic touch; yet boldly combined with the drawing of raw fruits used in the ice creams — and with a 12 colour palette as a backdrop, a pop and cute atmosphere is created. An illustration on the front, and the name of the animal on the back, children can be quizzed and enjoy it as one form of communication."

Client: Stripe International
Design Company: surmometer inc.
Creative&Art Director: Kayo Yamamoto
Illustrator: Takumi Shirai

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