IMURAYA Ball Ice Dessert series

IMURAYA Ball Ice Dessert series

Outstanding in Form | Food

"The design for Imuraya's Ball Ice Dessert Series is made to be exciting to look at, communicating the ingredients as it is with a sense of freshness and reminiscence. 
This product was borne as "Melon Ice" in 1973. Since then, its product name and package design, as well as its flavour and overall lineup was continuously renewed until this day. 
At the time of its first launch, melons were a luxury, and it was a fruit that people could not get a taste of. Due to this, the product was made from our "wish for many people to easily enjoy even just the feeling of a melon". 
From that, we used a container bearing the form of fruits. We began selling the product in plastic bags, but in order to convey its "form", its most distinctive feature, we changed to shrink wrapping, and printed its packaging label to bring out the shape  of the container. 
Without going against the changing times, we've continued the product by flexibly renewing the design to suit the preferences of each particular time. For some it will feel new and fresh, for another it will seem nostalgic; regardless of generation, this is the reason why our product is loved and accepted for a long time."

Full Line up:
Melon ball(メロンボール)
Peach ball (モモボール)
Watermelon ball(スイカボール)

Creative Director: Hideaki Matsusaki
Art Director: Yoshinori Kida  
Designer: Yukina Nakagawa
Country: Japan

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