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"In China, tampons are practically non-existent. The rationale behind it is associated with both cultural and economic background. However, with Millennials became the first Chinese generation to grow in a time of economic prosperity instead of instability and famine, a segment of young, female consumers who are educated, expressive, and powerful became on stage. Rather than a basic feminine hygiene product, Fémme is positioned as an aspirational lifestyle to this new generation of women.

Given the strategy provided, Fémme rejects the traditionally apologetic and stereotypical feminine visual cues that have characterised it for years by shifting perceptions of menstruation from patronising to positive; from conservatively traditional to boldly symbolic of contemporary female identity.

The brand mark – a Chinese character of womanhood – is stylish and discreet, and is easily recognized by those in the know without overtly communicating the concepts of ‘tampon’ or ‘period.’ Beautiful line illustrations educate consumers about how to use tampons while contemporary design details ensure that Fémme is not only something you feel good about but also an item you’d proudly carry with you in your handbag."

Client name: YOAI
Design company: Pearlfisher
Creative director: Natalie Chung
Country: China

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