Bon Appetit, Paris
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"Bourjois, the Paris makeup brand which has 150 years of history. This design is the “Bon appétit, Paris” season limited makeup gift boxes launched by Bourjois.

The unique food culture and the representative food symbol of Paris become the breakthrough point of our design, the combination of food and beauty, the picnic culture of Paris and the street food culture integrated into the design concept, transmitting Paris fashion to Chinese consumers more lively and interesting.

In modeling design, we have chosen the archetype of the classic Parisian delicacies, macaron, cheese, coffee and red wine to create the exclusive gift box for Bourjois this time. simulated texture, three-dimensional silhouette brings a new sense of experience for users. At the same time, we offer a caption for each classic food, give a brief introduction to the famous shops and their development in Paris, so that they can learn about Paris and explore the real life of Paris. Match the Bourjois brand’s concept: Convey the lifestyle of Paris fashion.

In color selection, we have used a very bright, contrast color, convey Paris's youthfulness and vitality to consumers.

The bamboo pulp tool set craft is an innovative environmental protection material, it is widely used in food and electronic technology, traditional bamboo pulp tool set can only be dyed in white or black. In order to solve the color problem of materials, we specially invited the technician of bamboo pulp paper color mixing and the factory technician to exploit together.

When the consumer receives the product, the gift box can be made as a kind of decoration to display or uses it again, plays the brand spread effect once more."

Design Company: NX CREATIVE
Art Director / Designer: Guozheng Jiang / Dan Chen
Country: China

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