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Yangyang La
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Outstanding in Appearance | FOOD

“The current dairy market is dominated by cows milk while this product is made from goats milk. Because it is difficult for consumers to identity the difference, we decided to showcase the uniqueness of ingredient by designing an adorable sheep container / packaging. This way, consumers can differentiate the product at first glance.

The dome-shaped cup or lid functions as a storage space for fruits and nuts, and a small spoon. This enables the consumers to take the product to go, perfect for those with active or busy lifestyles. The products are packed in a group of 4 - the grass box packagings enhances the charming and playful aesthetic of the concept as a whole.”

Client: Yunnan Yangyang La Dairy Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Shenzhen Lingyun Creative Packaging Design Co., Ltd.
Design: Xiongbo Deng
Country: China

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