RE:ME Organic Yumberry Fermented Water

RE:ME Organic Yumberry Fermented Water

Outstanding in Form | BEVERAGE

"We wanted to make ecologically fermented beverage as a new category for the Chinese beverage market. Instead of a high priced enzyme enriched extract, we aimed to create a product that was relatively lower in cost, light in flavour, and can be drank by the target customer everyday.

To communicate that they are approachable for women who have high awareness towards their health, the form makes one imagine of a medicine capsule, and communicates the functions of the enzymes with its cute and easy to carry form. The bottom half is transparent to convey the lightness of the product, and images of the ingredients are arranged on the inner print of the bottle so that when looked at from the front, it seems like they are floating."

Client: Zhejiang Yumberry Juice Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Grand Design(Shanghai) Incorporated
Creative Director: Taichi Tsunoda
Art Director: Kazuo Fukushima
Designer: Haruka Takeuchi
Naming: Li Jing
Producer: Zhang Huaxia
Country: Japan

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