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"diem is an oral care brand using ingredients derived from natural ingredients. 
Through simple and functional oral care products, we would like to encourage a lifestyle where one can have confidence in themselves. 

As consciousness for beauty and health increased, the demand for natural and organic products that are kind to our body also grew. While our skin is continuously reborn by discarding old cells, our "teeth" — once reborn, is for our whole lifetime. Our tongues have a high absorption rate; several times more than the skin on on our arm, and is in need of carefully chosen materials to maintain the health of our mouth and body.
Everyday care is important for the health of our teeth (oral environment), and is closely linked with our lifestyles. The small decisions we make everyday are linked to our future, decades later. 
To gently lean into your lifestyle, we have considered carefully selected ingredients, and used a simple design that will not be a hindrance to your daily life.
"diem" is borne from the word "Carpe diem=seize the day". 
Live each day to its fullest. Select what is right for you, and walk the lifestyle that will not strain your heart and body. 
Our futures decades from now are connected with our everyday."

Full line up:
diem botanical mouthwash (rose aroma mint / ginger aroma mint)
diem botanical tooth paste
diem botanical tooth gel

Brand Company: I-ne
Creative Director / Art Director: Natsumi Yoshimoto
Designer: Chihiro Ohashi
Country: Japan

Find out more through: http://diemofficial.com/ and their Instagram