M Mark

Outstanding in Functionality | Beauty & Cosmetics

"The M Mark series was released in 1995, and went on to be a brand that becomes the foundation of Matsuyama Co., Ltd. "To fulfill a balance of safety, friendliness to the environment, and usefulness" at its concept, we don't add just anything, but make products that contain only the ingredients that can be used comfortably everyday. 

The package is designed with the clear intention to be “a tool that conveys information directly to customers”. The text on the frontside allows access to information without the need of a POP or catalog. The text allows the product to be as it is, and aims to become a form of advertisement itself. The M Mark is the corporate identity, and supports all staff. The starting point of the M Mark series is the “Additive-free soap”.

This product was released at a time where there were very little soaps on the market that sold itself as additive free, and did not stop as just being additive free, but indicated the basis of “What is additive free” through an innovative spirit. The products are made through a pot boiling method with a long history, and expresses our way of communicating from maker to user. With the strength of the product and design’s ability to spread information, the M Mark series has become a long seller of over 20 years."

Client: Matsuyama Co., Ltd.
Creative Director: Tsuyoshi Matsuyama (Matsuyama Co., Ltd.)
Art Director: Tatsumi Inuzuka (INUZUKA DESIGN OFFICE)
                     Haruka Kurai (Matsuyama Co., Ltd.)
Country: Japan

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