Flower box arrangement

Flower box arrangement

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"The moment the black lid is opened, a beautiful gradation of flowers will jump into your eyes, promising a sense of "surprise" to the receiver. The colour of the original box is black, contrasting with the vivid colours to create a modern expression. In addition to this, as the box can be carried around smartly in a black paper bag, it is popular for those who have resistance to carrying around a bouquet. With a bouquet, you would need a vase big enough to fit the bouquet at home, but with the flower box — it can be displayed as it is. 
We develop fresh flower boxes and preserved flower boxes. Christmas colour boxes and designs with flower boxes containing ornaments are also released every season for a limited time. By placing jewelry inside, the gift creates a bigger sense of surprise to the receiver. It's also possible to change the colour of the box, as well as customising with a brand logo to be used to be given away at brand parties."

Company: Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design
Floral Artist: Nicolai Bergmann
Country: Japan

Find out more on: www.nicolaibergmann.com and their Instagram