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“FLORIOGRAPHY” being the theme of the 2017 holiday season, ISSEY MIYAKE launched a series of corsages made with the brand’s textile.

There are moments when we find ourselves at a loss for words, 
even while our hearts are filled.
Here is a moment to take a breath, 
and give expression to it – with a flower.
This imaginary flower is in fact a corsage, 
and as yet, it has no name. 
Send it to someone you care for;
Your own handwritten message becomes its flower language.

Bouquet and Letter
The holiday season is a time to care for your loved ones.
Why not express unvoiced feelings with a flower?
There are short phrases such as “DO YOU REMEMBER?” “WARMTH” ”SUNSET” imprinted on an accompanying note card. By circling words or adding your own note, you can write a unique message to your loved one. 
Your message will gently envelop a flower corsage. 
Think of the smiles of your family, friends or partner, and send a message in your unique “flower language.”

Imaginary flowers are expressed using ISSEY MIYAKE’s original material Steam Stretch (a technique by which creases are woven into a piece of cloth using heat reactive thread which shrinks when steam is applied). By steam-heating the square textile, it shrinks to create a form of three-dimensional flower, available in four varieties."

Corsage Design: ISSEY MIYAKE
Design Company: Takram
Creative Direction / Concept / Copywriting: Kotaro Watanabe (Takram)
Art Direction / Logo Design / Graphic Design / Illustration: Kotaro Yamaguchi (Takram)
Graphic Design / Web Design: Takeshi Saijo (Takram)
Country: Japan

Find out more through: isseymiyake.com