iroha by tenga

iroha by tenga

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"iroha" is a brand of women's luxury pleasure items, established on March 3rd 2013 from TENGA Co., Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer of pleasure items.
Our company concept is to "bring sexuality to the mainstream, for anyone to enjoy."
Despite the growing societal acceptance of sexuality, there are still some women who are reluctant to shop for their own pleasure item.
At iroha, our goal is to give a friendly nudge to these women, with a product by women, for women.

As a natural part of life, self-pleasure is something many women indulge in and enjoy, and it should be no source of embarrassment. 
However, in Japan, many women still do not consider their own sexuality as a priority.

iroha has made it their mission to change that mentality, and to promote self-pleasure as being as natural a part of your day-to-day routine as washing your hair.

Our team has aimed to create items that women will feel comfortable using.
From the function and design, to the soft material and the way it fits in your hand, iroha was made with women in mind.

The package was designed like any other household item, so that you would feel no embarrassment picking it up off a shelf.
The design is inspired by a Japanese "Jūbako", a luxury tiered box typically reserved for special occasions.

iroha aims to reflect the refined taste and elegance modern Japanese women desire."

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Design Company: TENGA
Art Director: Yoshikatsu Miyasaka
Designer: Ayumi Mochizuki
Country: Japan
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