Outstanding in Creativity | Food

"Design that connects the user and its maker.

Inspired by its signature Gibier cuisine from SOHOLN, a restaurant in Tennozu, Tokyo, produced by Japanese lifestyle brand ACTUS, 
the SOHOLM GIBIER CAN was created for people to casually enjoy a taste of the cuisine at home. 

This product was made in cooperation with producers whose crops have been damaged by wild deers and boars. To prevent further animal attacks - the capture, processing of meat, cooking, all the way to its shipping was carried out locally and served as a source of employment as well.

Typically, the canned food that are sold at major retailers tend to yearn for attention through the use of flashy patterns and colours. Yet, SOHOLM GIBIER is designed as a package for one's interior; to be used comfortably in kitchens and dining rooms, and as a product that people would be delighted receiving as a gift.

With its consistent geometric typography and limited use of colours, its simplicity brings out the natural qualities of paper and iron, successfully grabbing one's attention.
The design aims to be a product that would be seen in select shops overseas, and once a customer connects with the product and decides to purchase it, the act ultimately supports local producers. 

SOHOLM GIBIER: a product created with the hope that it becomes "Design that connects the maker and its user"."

Company: ACTUS
Art Director / Designer: Susumu Akahoshi