Nishikiya Curry

Nishikiya Curry

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"The "retort food" that we think of, is something that we wish will richly colour our customers' meal times. Prioritising not only costs but also on its quality, we develop our products without the use of any artificial seasoning, colouring, or fragrances, there's only one answer to "creating tastes" to bring out the quality of the original material. 
To prior functions of the "retort package": "portability", "preservability", and "convenience", we though that adding "decorativeness" to the role of the package before consumption was also important. If it's a design that will brighten up one's living room or kitchen, it won't just be a preserved food, but will also serve as a presence to colour one's lifestyle. This is something that can be done especially because it can be preserved at room temperature. 
 This series is full of colours like a fun and exciting picture book, and is simply arranged with the product name and illustrations, without the use of pictures. Since its a curry series that stunningly uses ingredients that will serve as a main, the colours scheme used in the illustrations of the ingredients and the curry sauce are arranged to be as close to the impressions of eating the product."

Full line up: 
Lemon Cream Chicken Curry
Lemon Pepper Chicken Curry
Tomato Beef Curry
Yuzu Keema Curry
Ginger Pork Curry

Client: Nishiki Foods CO.,LTD.
Design Company: Hosaka Design Office
Designer: Masahide Hosaka
Country: Japan

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