Curry Roux for Kids.

Curry Roux for Kids.

Outstanding in Appearance | Food

"Our company originally specialised in the research and selling of spices, and currently producing our curry roux and retort curry using our original spice blends and not using additives as much as possible. 

"Curry Roux for Kids" — as the name suggests, is a curry roux developed especially for small children. Using safe ingredients as much as possible, vegetable and fruit powders are used with careful attention to nutrition. Of course, children should want to eat something delicious as well. As for its taste, we asked small children to test the products, and developed the product until they were satisfied with the results. 

The packaging is easy to understand, and designed be approachable for mothers to take in their hands. We were also particular about the texture of the box, aiming for a product not only delicious but good for your body and easy on the eyes; with a good sense of design that would make you want to take a picture before you know it."

Total Design: CANYON SPICE CO., LTD.
Character Design: Mizuho Gardner
Country: Japan

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