Hokkaido Kiyosato

Outstanding in Appearance  |  Beverage

"It has been 40 years since Japan's first potato shochu was born in the town of Hokkaido. Over the years, they have been improving the quality and flavor, and the region has become the root for shochu. 
"Japan's standard of shochu, world's standard of shochu" as the concept of Hokkaido Kiyosato of this packaging design. The designers aim to create a new value of this distilled spirit to the world, and hence revamped the bottle design of not being bound to the existing concept in the past."

Client: Hokkaido Kiyosato Shochu
Design Company: Nippon Design Center, Daikoku Design Institute, All Right Graphics
Creative Director: Terutaka Suzuki
Art Director: Daigo Daikoku, Masashi Tentaku, Yui Takada
Country: Japan