momokawa HOO SOMERU

momokawa HOO SOMERU

Outstanding in Form | Food

"This may be unexpected, but Japanese sake and chocolates pair extremely well. 
Using Valentine's Day as an opportunity, we wished for people to taste chocolate even more deliciously, using high quality sake as a gesture of hospitality; to give as a gift to someone dear to you, we created nama chocolats (bars made from a mixture of chocolate and cream with a melt-in your mouth texture) with Japanese sake kneaded into them.
Made with Valentine's Day in mind, "Momokawa Daikinjo Shizukuzake nama chocolat HOO SOMERU" is made with the highest craftsmanship and tradition brought about by Nanbutoji and Kuroudo, the 10th consecutive gold winner of the nationwide Rice Wine Awards Ceremony — the "Daiginjo Shizuku", and its collaboration with a long established confectionary craftsman to create handmade chocolates full of familiarity. 
"HO SOMERU" imagines the elevated emotions when giving a gift to someone you like, and is different from the image evoked from "Japanese sake". 
The wrapping paper on the wooden box is a picture story with hidden letters, packaging the sender's emotions within. 
The semi-circle seen from the paper slits become a full circle when slid open, illustrating the appearance of blushing cheeks."

Creative Director: Akira Toda
Art Director / Designer: Yasuharu Kamiyama  
illustrator: Ryoko Fukaya
Country: Japan

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