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"SEN is a 「一圃一酒」 ("Ichibo Isshu") sake. Made soley from Brewer's rice that is taken from one rice field, it allows the distinct flavours of the production area to be extracted carefully into the Japanese sake. SEN was born from a young sake brewery and a sake rice farm that produces Yamadanishiki from Hyogo prefecture that pursues the ideal production of sake.

White lines ("sen") on the labels on the Junmai Daiginjo are dyed one by one with a brush using the mica of crushed minerals. The serene brushstrokes glows softly in the light, accentuating the purity of the Japanese sake."

Full line up: 
SEN junmai daiginjo
SEN junmai daiginjo nama
SEN junmai
SEN junmai nama

Client: ten, inc.
Design Company: smbetsmb
Art Director / Designer: Keita Shimbo / Misaco Shimbo (smbetsmb)
Karakami (dyeing paper by brush): Ko Kado (kamisoe)
Country: Japan

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