Nappa Sugoroku

Nappa Sugoroku

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"Nappa Sugoroku" is an ekiben project ("ekiben" is a portable lunch box you buy at train stations, made from the words "eki" = station, and "bento" = lunch box) for Naka-Boso International Art Festival Ichihara Artmix 2014.

Visitors will have a wappa bento box in one hand as they navigate Ichihara's artworks like a sugoroku (Japanese board game). With this as a theme, different lunch boxes were sold at each of the three railway stations within the event. 

A luncheon mat is attached to the bento box, with highlights of each station on the back, designed to look like a sugoroku. Three striking colours from the buses that run along the railroad were used as key colours, and its combinations were arranged and developed depending on the contents of the bento box."

Client: Naka-Boso International Art Festival Ichihara Art x Mix 2014
Design Company: MOTOMOTO inc.
Creative Direction: Smiles Life Expansion Research Lab
Art Director / Designer: Kenichi Matsumoto
Country: Japan

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