Ishitsumi Mikan

Outstanding in Creativity | Beverage

"Orange juice made from Ishitsumi mikan, grown on a farm of stacked stones. 
On Setouchi island, where the fields receives from the sun — the sky, the sea, and the stones; the orange farmers carefully cultivate the "ishitsumi mikan", which is freshly squeezed to create an additive free, 100% orange juice with a good balance of sweet and sourness. 
The mark was made simply and straightforwardly with the Japanese character for stone (石), stacked together to read "Ishitsumi" (石積み, literally translating to "stacked stones"). 石 also reads as "goku", allowing the mark to read "goku-goku" (an onomatopoeia for drinking something in big thirsty gulps).

As the sun hits the stones, the oranges grow, absorbing the light. To communicate this the package is foil stamped and also embossed to depict the bumpy stones."

Client:  JA Hiroshima Yutaka / Ishitsumi Mikan Group
Design Company: hinekure
Art Director / Designer: Rie Hiromoto
Country: Japan

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