Eau de Vie by SWAT

Eau de Vie by SWAT

Outstanding in Functionality | Beverage

"Making your everyday a little bit better ~24/7booster~
"Eau de Vie" is French for "water of life", and is originally a word referring to distilled liquor — especially brandy. It was said that alchemists made brandy for maintaining their health, and thus was called "water of life". Spending everyday actively, always being yourself, with beauty, and with youth — always wishing to bring out your best performance possible. We wish for this to be the "water of life" that boosts your lifestyle in such a way. That lead to its product name "Eau de Vie". 
We paid close attention to the structure, size, and design of the package. As hydrogen diffuses when exposed to outside air, the air is drained before filling the compact 150 mL package with hydrogen water to be consumed in one go. The harmonious image of the "Eau de Vie" concept, along with the unbalanced serif typeface is included within an expression of a black circle. Whilst there are many limitation upon printing on an aluminium pack, the white areas are filled with a matt finish to enhance the contrast within this very simple design. "

Client: Eau de Vie, Inc.
Designer: Chihiro Suita
Country: Japan

Find out more on: www.edv.jp