Outstanding in Functionality | Beverage

"A new vegetable fruit drink with a sense of "freshness".
The flavour that the user tastes is the real flavour itself. Rather than focusing on objective factors such as the time lapsed and its moisture content, we aimed to develop the product, package, and bottle based on a what a user would feel as a "subjective experience of freshness". We developed a transparent bottle that was based on a milk bottle (in Japan, it's a bottle that's familiarly known to be fresh). To make one feel the aroma, colour, and texture, the opening of the bottle is made larger, and designed for the colour of the juice and the texture of the pulp to show through. On the front face, bright and clear materials are contrasted against the black brand colour to emphasise its sense of "freshness".

Design Company: HAKUHODO INC.
Creative Direction: KAGOME CO.,LTD.
Art Director: Masuhiro Sato
Designer: Katsutoshi Hanada
Photographer: Chihiro Aono
Country: Japan

Find out more on: http://www.kagome.co.jp/greens/