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Outstanding in Creativity | BEAUTY & COSMETICS

“In the highly competitive cosmetic market, KILLER LE ROUGE– AN ALAN CHAN CONCEPT captures all eyes by introducing a sumptuous lipstick design. Sexy, intelligent and sometimes troublesome are the characteristics believed to be of a woman with killer basic instincts, which as a result inspires the name of the brand. Lips are the most sensual part of a woman and decidedly featured in the design as a strong visual language to highlight this killer attribute. 

Sleek and smooth to the touch, the lipstick is set in silver finish resembling the streamlined shape of a bullet. The delicate curvature design will be noticed when placed on the dressing table, tricky and ever-changing like a dangerous bombshell. Designed with a magical magnetic click, it is sealed and shaped like a memorable French kiss, easily opened and closed with one hand. 

In order to further enhance the power and highlight women’s strength and power, the special packing of aluminium in silver and gold plate finish can be used as a clutch. 

Live like a killer ! ”

Client: Screambar
Design Company: Alan Chan
Creative Direction: Alan Chan 
Product Design: Park Jinsoo
Country: Hong Kong

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