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Outstanding in Appearance | BEAUTY & COSMETICS

“MdoC™ - for men, is an exclusive skincare brand designed and developed according to the men’s lifestyles. A beauty & cosmetic brand specialised only for men is very rare, especially in Korea. Luckily, men have become increasingly more aware of grooming and self-care, and the product lineup has increased with various toners, lotions, cleansers, masks, serums, etc.

MdoC™ takes the men’s concerns and demands into full consideration, with our endless research and studies, we have developed high quality products with ingredients specifically for men. To reflect our motto, the packaging uses black and silver, to appeal to all kinds of men.”

Client: M℃ (MdoC™)
Design Company: M℃ (MdoC™) Design Lab.
Art Direction & Design: LEE JOONG HO
Country: Korea

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