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"DrGL® is a range of custom skincare personally formulated for Asian skin types and climate by Dr Georgia Lee. Eschewing the mass for a carefully crafted selection of premium quality products, DrGL® offers the modern busy individual maximum efficacy, minimum fuss. While her clinical experience gave her the confidence to start her very own skincare line, it was her personal experience that provided the final push. A serious allergic reaction resulted in blisters that covered the right side of her face, leaving her with persistent hyperpigmentation which were only resolved after treatment with a cream that Georgia customised for herself. Although it was traumatic, this episode piqued her interest in skincare and motivated her to delve into its development. Having developed and perfected her products over the years, Dr. Georgia Lee turned to developing the brand identity of her skincare line keeping the following principles in mind.

Her fundamental belief in simplicity formed the basis of the development of the branding and packaging.

In developing the brand, Dr. Georgia Lee sought to create a singular and focused entity and so evolved drgeorgialee skincare to DrGL® – elegant, simple, and powerful.

The strong and clearly identifiable green colour represents life, growth and balance, encapsulated in a fresh, dynamic and clean colour.

The implementation of the square as part of the branding reinforces the sense of balance, stages in life and harmony of elements that goes into the skincare range."

Client: DrGL®
Design Company: WORK
Creative Director: Theseus Chan (WORK)
                              Georgia Lee
                              Abigail Tan (WORK)
Country: Singapore

Find out more on: https://drgl.com/ , their Facebook and Instagram