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Outstanding in Material | BEAUTY & COSMETICS

“PIBU PIBU is a Korean bath and beauty brand that allows customers to mix and match two ampoules from a selection of natural ingredients to create a customised shampoo or body wash. From the request for an eco-friendly packaging solution, a fully recyclable paper packaging was made.

The packaging design is ideal for brand identification and representation from a far. In order to encourage the users’ experience and spirit of DIY, the packaging was designed to perfectly mould the necessary elements and parts of the PIBU PIBU set. This application was inspired by lunch trays and assembly toys. Casts of the bottle, pump and two ampoules help customers to visually understand the steps and system to assemble the product. The material of the packaging successfully communicates the philosophy of the brand: natural products inside and out.”

Client: Kolme Kuusi Co., Ltd.
Design: Young-eon Kim
Country: South Korea

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