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Outstanding in Appearance | BEAUTY & COSMETICS

“A moisturising lotion for sensitive skin that was invented by a company that specialises in “water”. The main priority of skincare is “keeping the barrier function of the skin at its most healthy and optimal condition”. We focused on this and developed “Proton-Water”, a non-additive ingredient that demonstrates high moisture retention. We also focused on mist fineness by utilising “Flairosol Spray”, an invention developed by a Dutch company. These factors help give full gentle moisture to one’s skin.

The design concept revolves around the idea of “a moisturising icon”. We tried to convey an image of the moisturising agent (Proton-Water) penetrating the skin with this icon of gentle colours in gradation of halftone dots. We also tried to convey its non-additive nature with this simple design.”

Client: Light Wave. Co., Ltd.
Design Company: T3DESIGN
Art Direction & Design: Hideyuki Kumagai
Country: Japan

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